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Enhanced Continuous Voter Registration (ECVR).

Are you a Kenyan citizen residing outside Kenya?

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Diaspora Registration

  1. Book an appointment.
  2. Visit the Kenyan High Commission / Embassy / Consulate offices
  3. Get Registered as a voter, Change voting station and change your voter details.

Eazy steps

  1. Get your valid documents ready (Passport / ID Card)
  2. Visit the nearest registration center
  3. Get registered

EVCR - Frequently Asked Questions


    The Commission has mapped registration based on the following parameters:

    1. Presence of a Kenyan Mission (Embassy, High Commission or a consulate) as stipulated in law.
    2. Number of registered citizens with Kenyan Missions in host countries.
    3. Political environment in host governments which should be conducive, stable and predictable.
    4. Financial sustainability to support logistical, operational and administrative costs of carrying out such an activity.

  • For purposes of 2022 General Election, the Commission has mapped voter registration centres in Kenyan Embassies and Consulates listed below;

    1. Uganda - (Kampala)
    2. Tanzania - (Dar-Es-Salaam and Arusha)
    3. Rwanda - (Kigali)
    4. Burundi - (Bunjumbura)
    5. South Africa - (Pretoria)
    6. South Sudan - (Juba)
    7. United States of America - (Washington DC, New York and Los Angeles)
    8. United Kingdom - (London)
    9. United Arab Emirates - (Abu Dhabi and Dubai)
    10. Qatar - (Doha)
    11. Germany - (Berlin)
    12. Canada - (Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver)
  • A Kenyan citizen residing outside Kenya who applies for registration as a voter must;

    1. Have a valid Kenyan Passport or a National Identity Card for citizens residing within the East African Community.
    2. Present his/her identification document to the Registration Officer stationed at a designated registration centre.
    3. Manually fill Form J being an application form for registration of Kenyan Citizens residing outside Kenya upon arrival at the registration centre
    4. Allow his/her Biometric and biographic data to be taken during registration.
    5. Be of eighteen(18) years and above
    1. Voter registration in diaspora is scheduled to start on Friday 21st January 2022 for fifteen(15) days.
    2. The conduct of this exercise is subject to Covid-19 protocols and restrictions in host countries.
    1. Voter registration will be conducted during the official working hours for Embassies and Consulates in host countries.
    2. The Commission will make arrangements for continued voter registration exercise during weekends.
  • Kenya citizens registered to vote in diaspora will participate in Presidential election and Referenda only.